In the Indian Himalayan region around Choglamsar (Leh), a town in the barren semi-desert of Ladakh, people most often live in more than modest conditions – without dental care. Many have been suffering acute toothache for a very long time. However, hardly any medical care services are offered anywhere in this region; many cannot afford dental treatment, or they simply live too far away. With a mobile dentistry, we can drive where it hurts the most. By the help of your donation, we are able to purchase a mobile dentistry and treat local patients free of charge.

Through the Ladakh Medical Aid gGmbH network, we have already suucessfully brought volunteer dentists and medical assistants from Germany to Ladakh. Also on site is a team of Indian physicians, ready to work in the rolling dentistry!

Help us realize a mobile dentistry with your donation.


With your donation, you support the purchase of a mobile dentistry for Choglamsar. This endeavor costs 65,000 euros in total. All donations made within the framework of this donation collection are exclusively used for the purchase of the mobile dentistry. The vehicle is a custom-made model, specially designed for the use for dental treatment. It contains everything that is needed in a dental practice for successful patient care: a dental unit with a dental chair, professional lighting, drills, dental tools and saliva ejectors.

The technical equipment for a professional supply of electricity, fresh water and air pressure are naturally also available. If x-rays are needed for treatment, they can be taken at the Bright Mountain Medical Clinic. Thus, the mobile dentistry contains everything that is required for comprehensive dental care.